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In 2002 "Scarfie the Safe Shag" was created for a Health Promotions Campaign and World Aids day in Shetland.

Scarfie flew into Shetland by Coastguard Helicopter, and appeared all over the Islands at events and gigs.

He was such a hit that The Daily Record devoted a complete page three to his appearance (see below). Lorraine Kelly mentioned him in the Sun Newspaper and we spoke at Health Promotions conferences.

As Scarfie had a hard hat, steel toe-capped boots and risk assessments he was "the safe shag"

It was seen as a great fun way to introduce the subject of safe sex to young folk and the large sea bird out in public was not offensive to anyone or any age.

Only if you have a dirty mind will you think there's something dodgy about a shag in a shower, a shag in a car or a quick shag - its a seabird!

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Scarfie the "Safe Shag" has returned!

Image from the Scottish Daily Record 2002

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